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Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel - PPGI: Applications and Production Process

PPGI, or Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel, is a popular choice for both the civil and industrial engineering industries. It is commonly used in the production of roofing plates, partitions, ceiling partitions, rolling doors, and covers for electrical equipment, as well as for interior decoration.

PPGI is produced from a color coating line, where input sheets undergo flushing and pickling phases before being coated with additives to enhance adhesion. The sheets are then covered with primer before being painted and dried.

Our Prepainted Galvanized Steel/Coil for roof/sandwich panel has a capacity of 180,000 tons per year, with a thickness range of 0.25 to 1.20mm and a width range of 914 to 1250mm, including slitting. Zinc coating ranges from 60g/m2 to 350g/m2, with a coil weight range of 2 to 12 tons. We comply with international standards, including JIS G3312:2010 (Japan), EN 10169:2009 (Europe), AS 1397:2011 (Australia), and ASTM A792/A792M-10 (USA).

Our PPGI steel coil offers superior flatness and good thickness tolerance control, thanks to our ABB/Siemens Automation production capacity and two Pre-painting lines. Our base material is galvanized steel coils.

PPGI steel coil has various applications, including construction and building (roofing, ventilating ducts, handrails, partition panels, etc.), electric appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, DVDs, etc.), transportation (oil tanks, road signs, etc.), agriculture (barns, etc.), and others (vending machines, game machines, etc.).

At our company, we continuously strive to meet end users' demands by providing cold rolled steel coils, galvanized steel coils, prepainted steel coils, and all dimensions of steel sheets through cut-into-length and slitting lines. Our tandem and single-stand cold rolling mills are fully imported from the USA, Germany, Japan, and India, and are equipped with ABB and Siemens automation to offer accurate dimensions, minimized tolerance, superior heat and corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appearance.

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