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1. What is ZINMAG (Zinc - Aluminium - Magnesium coated Steel - Zinmag)? 

- ZINMAG is a high corrosion–resistant coated steel with a special alloy composition that has been developed by Nam Kim JSC in cooperation with our partner MGK and Van Der Laan International Sonsultancy B.V.
- ZINMAG with its unique coating layer of Zinc, 5%  Aluminium, and 3% Magnesium coating provides a breakthrough solution in surface corrosion and metal cutting-edge protection, making it possible to be applied even in the most severe environments (C5)  such as livestock, chemicals, and marine areas. 
- In addition, ZINMAG can switch many traditional steel and metal materials in various applications in our life at a greatly competitive cost.        

2. Advantages of ZINMAG.

- In terms of corrosion resistance, ZINMAG is 3 to 5 times more durable than galvanized products (GI) with the same coating and thickness.
- Extraordinary resistance to abrasion and friction at the surface of steel coil.
- Limitation of edge corrosion while common coated alloys can not do.
- Having almost no white rust on the steel coil.
- Significant corrosion resistance in chemical and alkaline environments, especially,  this coated alloys which can be used in C5 environments.
- Minimizing the infiltration of poisonous chemicals into the soil
- Reducing investment, maintenance, and replacement costs.

3. Anti-corrosion mechanism of ZINMAG

The magnesium in the ZINMAG coating is a catalyst that will accelerate the formation of a highly resistant crystalline film / a dense corrosion product which is extremely stable and officially called Simonkolleite [Zn5(OH)8Cl2.H2O] (SKT). When Simonkolleite is formed, it gradually moves outward to seal the entire steel base surface and prevent it from corrosive environmental substances and plays an important role as a corrosion inhibitor for the base metal.


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